A small group of fourth graders have been working with Ms Danielle on an engineering endeavor.  Students met in the art room Tuesday afternoons and were able to create a robot using basic shapes in the computer program Tinkercad.  Once their robot was fully designed, students were able to watch their creation take shape right before their eyes using the 3D printer. The teacher and her students were challenged in this project because sometimes problems arose and the only way to fix it was to think critically, problem solve, and try something new.  Although it was a challenge, the students who participated had a lot of fun and they were also the first group of students to use the 3D printer this year.  Students who participated are: Gus Hoak, Glen Wuestenberg, Graden Conger, Elliott Ziegerhofer, Oliver Laxer, Ada Moore, Elizabeth Batten, Toni Howard, Sophia Bellizia, and Valentina Mazzarese.